We are a European Executive Search Advisory Boutique based in Frankfurt.

We work on behalf of our clients on retained searches locally and cross-boarder for senior executives or specialists in Financial Services.

They value our knowledge of their industry, discretion, determination and integrity.

Our candidates trust us with their career plans and confidential information.

We are an experienced European team and can conduct interviews in German, French, Italian and English. 

Vendome Associes is our partner for assignments in France.  

About us


Tailor made approach

Commitment and determination

Availability, reactivity and flexibility 

Definition of Congruence

The state or quality of being in agreement; correspondence; harmony.  The consistence between what one thinks, says and does

Geometry:  the property of a plane or solid figure whereby it coincides with another plane or solid figure after it is moved, rotated or flipped over  


Anne de VĂ©sian - von Bredow is the founder of CONGRUENCE GmbH.  She  started her career in finance as a sell-side equity research  analyst, then gravitated toward strategy and recruitment, before becoming an Executive Search Consultant in  2014. Anne has also set up in 2002 the Little Bamboo Foundation, an educational project in Asia supporting 450 children.

Based in Frankfurt since 2005, she is a business administration graduate from ESCP Europe and speaks French, German, English fluently.  

Together with Christine Schroeder, another ESCP Europe graduate who focuses on Research (fluent languages : German, French, English, Italian) and Sabine  Runge (fluent in German and English), we will support your search with professionalism and  enthusiasm.